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  • Quantum Science Perspectives
    Thu, 02 Mar
    The Hebrew University/Edmond J. Safra
    02 Mar, 12:00
    The Hebrew University/Edmond J. Safra, Givat Ram, Jerusalem
    Distinguished Lecture Series Prof. Edward Farhi (MIT)


The Hebrew University's Quantum Information Science Center invites you to explore the breadth and depth of quantum science, through a series of lectures by world leaders in the  fields  of  quantum  computational  complexity,  physical  realizations  of  quantum processors, verifiability of quantum dynamics, and more. This  series  aims at  bringing  together  the  broad community of  quantum  researchers  in Israel, spanning physics, computer science, math, chemistry and engineering. The talks will be held approximately once a month.

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March 2, 2023

PROF. Edward Farhi (MIT)

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The Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm: What it is and recent results.

Prof. Edward Farhi


March 2, 2023


Main Lecture

Auditorium A300, Rothberg A Bldg. (CS)


Food & Beverages

Reception, networking, snacks and beverages

(Outside of Auditorium A300, Rothberg A Bldg)

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